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Andrew is creative beyond his years. Andrew is capable, professional, and reliable beyond his years. I have hired Andrew to do jobs in a grind-it-out, just-get-the-job-done capacity and also in a purely creative capacity. In both he has delivered great work and contributed meaningfully to the final product. He is capable of getting things done.Shawn, LoveSac
I've been very impressed with the expertise and professionalism of SmallDot Design. Andrew is very knowledgeable about building a digital presence and is helpful and eager to figuring out solutions to business challenges. I would recommend SmallDot to any of my colleagues.Suzanne, StrivingOnward.com
We needed a web page up and running ASAP and that is exactly what we got. Very responsive with our needs and the art direction we gave on our site. Very reliable, responsive, personable with reasonable rates. We will continue to use his services as needed in the future. Thank you!Stefanie, MJXpressions.com
Thank you for creating such a powerful poster for our production of Steel Magnolias this past spring.  Our board members and cast members were impressed!The Darien Arts Center
Andrew is a great guy. As I am starting to take my photography business to the next level, he worked with me to create an awesome site to display my work. His design was great, I couldn't have asked for a better medium in which to present what I have done for friends and, even more so, potential clients.Ben, Ben Manning Photography
Andrew was very insightful in [coming up with] my business name and designed my website completely. Andrew worked with me and used my input over and over and over again! I may have drove him nuts with my constant input but he NEVER showed it! I am opening an extension of my business and will be rehiring him for my new site!Gina, OnePhotographyStudios.com
The poster that Andrew created for the Miss American Indian USU Pageant was AMAZING! It was aesthetically composed, I couldn't have asked for a better layout. Andrew was very professional throughout the whole process. I would recommend him and his business to anyone!Cassie, Miss Indian USU Pageant
I highly recommend Andrew for website design. His personal service and results are a rarity these days.Bob, Strightcompany.com

About Us

Our Mission

At SmallDot, our mission is to craft cunning creative, rewarding relationships, and innovative service within virtually any budget.

Our Values

At SmallDot, we believe love and real experience speak louder than marketing.


We thrive on researching and implementing new tools and methodologies for the good of our clients, our company, and our environment.


We keep our fingers on the pulse of technology, design, and business. Our creative is not only ravishingly good-looking, but also crafted with strategic detail.


Our clients come from all walks of life and represent all sizes of business. We go the extra mile to provide articles that will help our clients understand us, and their brand, a lot better.


We believe in the power of TLC. We truly care about your well-being and we'll always do our best to be a courteous guide during difficult creative decisions.

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Our Approach

The Problem: Function vs Flattery
  • Communicating too many things at once
  • Drawing too much attention
  • Forsaking function for "cool factor"
The Solution: First Impression Approach
  • Narrow down communication to one big idea
  • Communicate functionally and ...
  • Attractively¬†entice the customer to learn/do more

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Our Process

Our Standard Project Process in 5 Easy Steps.


1. Initial Consultation

We want to talk with you about your project, goals, vision, and expectations. We also want to ensure that all of your needs can be met by our services and to begin to understand the project in order to provide you an accurate quote.

2. Project Evaluation

After we've conducted our consultation and have a general idea of what you're trying to accomplish,we ask to hold an evaluation session. In this evaluation session we ask hard-hitting and specific questions about the project's requirements. We also begin to explain our ideal solutions to your project's requirements as we explore your possibilities and time table.

3. Design & Feedback

After we've finished the evaluation and finalized details for the project and payment requirements,we begin work and keep you informed with access to our project management system where we'll post updates and revisions. We will follow a design-feedback-revise cycle until you are satisfied with the deliverable.

4. Finalization

After we've finished the project's deliverables, we'll finalize our design by tightening kerning, color checking, and ensuring the best quality with a rigorous QA session. We'll also prep to send you your files and any variations you requested, if applicable.

5. Completion

We've finished the project, received any balances due, and delivered your files and your project is complete and we are all beaming with delight for a job well done. Hooray!

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